About osteopathy

The magnificent machine that is our body can be impaired by stress, overwork and poor posture. As we know from experience it is nature that heals the body. Our body is constantly repairing itself.

The Osteopath’s job is to enhance this inherent self-healing process by improving circulation and movement thus heightening the sense of well-being.


By combining extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology with a highly trained sense of touch she aims to trace the musculoskeletal problem to its root cause, relieve the pain and restriction, and help you reduce the likelihood of its reoccurrence.

Each and every cell in our body needs it’s own space. It must react to the needs of the moment but have the composure to return to a resting, restorative state.

Osteopathy releases tensions in our physique and psyche to allow the expression of our potential.

Deborah believes health is a radiant state, creative and inspired and without pain.

With freedom from pain comes freedom for creativity in life.