Well I haven’t had any knee pain since my last treatment thanks to you.
You seem instinctively to know what’s wrong with me – physically and probably more importantly, emotionally.
I know you genuinely care about making me happier and pain free and you have such a warm and kind spirit it’s always a pleasure being treated by you.
Just being in your presence lifts me!

Nicola – Aged 39

I reckon I’m very lucky to have found you.  Years of carrying small grandchildren around has strained my lower back quite painfully, but you sorted it our immediately.  And in addition you always have really effective general health advice to offer – in all I already feel years younger and far more energetic after only three treatments.

Barbara – Aged 61

I’ve used Osteopathy for many years but have never come across anyone like Debbie. I love her total body approach, working not only on the areas that hurt but I really feel transformed body & mind. She really does do herself out of a job as my husband and I both came away from the first visit completely fixed.

Keta – Aged 33

As an American Football & Rugby player I am frequently getting injuries whether they are serious or just little knocks, and can honestly say it is a relief when I see Debbie. When I have treatments it heals me both physically but also mentally. I feel completely relaxed and peaceful when she’s finished. Debbie truly does wonders for me!

Gabriel – Age 17

“I have suffered chronic pain for much of my adult life.  Having a treatment with Deborah Doole is like WD40 on a really rusty machine, keeps the whole thing going.  I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Nina – Aged 45

My previous Osteopath used considerable force in some of his treatment which while of great benefit, did put me off visiting as much as I should.  Debbie has achieved the same results in a much more pleasant way so I look forward to her regular treatment.  Now I’ve found a woman’s gentle healing hands I’ll continue to be a regular patient with no more fear.  I recommend her with confidence.

Tony – Aged 63